Eco-friendly material for improved prefabrication of lightweight concrete elements

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Inventor from Macedonia has developed new type of material for building lightweight concrete elements. The novel aspect of this material is in natural ingredients which allow faster prefabrication of building elements. Elements are with solid technical and increased thermal characteristics

Research topic and achieved research result

The new material represents a specific mixture of natural ingredients making the material an eco-friendly solution for lightweight concrete building elements. The lightweight concrete mixtures have similar mechanical and durability performances as normal type concrete enabling at the same time reduction of the dead load of a concrete structure. Thus, creating a possibility for reduced size of columns, footings and other load bearing elements. This advantage, combined with less reinforcement steel needed and reduced overall concrete volume, results in lower overall costs. In addition, due to the improved thermal performances (increased so-called R-value) and insulation properties, the lightweight concrete is also contributing to energy savings.
The proposed mixture for lightweight elements enables all key features (stated above) and basic characteristics of the concrete to be met (such as volume density in dry conditions of 600-800 kg/m3 and thermal conductivity of 0,09 W/mK). The innovativeness of the material, though, is resulting from the choice of the natural ingredients used for its production. Their particular characteristics enables not only improved environmental performances but moreover better technical and thermal characteristics as compared with few existing lightweight concrete mixtures on the market (such as neopor or styro concrete). Furthermore, the mixture is such that requires only 3-4 hours prefabrication of the building elements.
The material is used for manufacturing of prefabricated (mould) lightweight concrete elements only. In particular is suitable as input for elements for building of chimneys, partitions, walls, entresols, attics and other areas where the use of lightweight concrete moulds is common.
The proposed solution has been already tested on a small scale in industrial and lab conditions. The pilot tests has validated the technical characteristics of the material as well as the advancements of the prefabrication process and improved characteristics of the building elements. The inventor that has developed this new type of material (secret-know under patenting procedure) has more than 10 years of experience in the field of building materials and has several patented solutions as well

As compared to other lightweight mixtures on the market, the newly developed material has the following main innovative advantages:
- Fully ecological material mixture based on natural (eco) ingredients
- Fast moulding process 
- Extracting building element from the mould within 3-4 hours or 8-9 times faster fabrication compared to currently used concrete mixtures
- Improved thermal characteristic (with wall thickness D=20 cm, no need of additional thermal insulation)

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BBS reference number: 10 MK 82EX 3JD9 Patent pending

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02/02/2009 20/12/2010

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  • Environment
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Engineering / Technology
  • Recycling, Recovery

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Vele Nelkovski

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